UKV PLC Breaks Down the French Wine Apellation System

People who do not have much experience with wine may have a difficult time understanding the different types of French wine. According to the experts at UK PLC, it all comes down to understanding the labeling system. Unlike wines from other places which are labeled according to the type of grapes used in making them, the labeling of French wines depends on the region of origin.

The region of origin gives more information than the untrained eye can see. UKV PLC tells you of the type of grapes used because different regions have different climatic conditions, and this affects the growth of grapes. It also helps you know the method of production of the wine, and hence the type of wine. The regions known for wine production in France includeChampagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Loire. They all produce different types of wines.


UKV PLC is a wine company based in the UK that is known for stocking and selling the finest wines in the world for both consumption and investment. The company has many wine experts who know all the different types of wine available and the best wines for buyers depending on whether they plan to keep them as an investment or drink them. The wide variety of wine they have access to makes them the number one supplier of wines as buyers can be assured of getting exactly what they want from them.


The French wine appellation system is complex and even people with a very intimate knowledge of wines find it confusing.However, it is not as difficult as many people think it is. By simply understanding that French wines are labeled according to the region of origin, you will be able to know the differences between various types of French wines.

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