The Home of Fantasy-Inspired Lime Crime Beauty Products and Accessories

Looks matter a lot, and in a world where image is everything, products and accessories that enhance beauty mean a world of difference to fashion-conscious men and women. And since what is considered trendy today is not what looking hip-and-chic might be tomorrow, companies like Lime Crime whose specialty is the production of beauty products, must keep up with the changing trends if they have to stay in business. This ability to keep up with the times is what makes this company to safely tread where only giants dare go in the world of fashion and beauty.



One of the latest beauty inventions that Lime Crime has come up with is a new hair product that is available in a series of dazzling tints women use for dyeing their hair. The millennials or Generation X, who put a huge premium in individuality and uniqueness, find great satisfaction in Unicorn hair dye. This latest rainbow hair-dye from Lime Crime enables fashion aficionados to achieve distinctive appearance. This company has created a unique niche for itself because the range of Unicorn beauty products has no peer in the market. People who are inspired by fantasy find satisfaction in the peculiar beauty accessories this creative company comes up with now and then.



And this time, what is on offer is not a hair-brush shaped like a unicorn, neither is it a multicolored highlighter, but something more awe-inspiring: a range of dyes for the hair that adds sparkle and dazzle to a person’s image. You cannot fail to get what you desire because Unicorn Hair Dye comes in many shades. The dyes are as dreamy and wild as your imagination can stretch. It is the main reason why everyone wants to try using the dye. Another thing that makes the Unicorn Dyes a great hit is a simple fact that the ingredients they are made of are purely vegan. They contain no bleach or ammonia. Every color comes complete with tint formulas and full coverage. The dyes are popular because the tints can survive up to 9-11 washes while those with full coverage can take more than ten washes. Each tint has a unique quality. Lime crime is, therefore, your answer to everything you might need in the world of high fashion 

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