Solving Cold Cases with the Help of Securus Technologies

I work with a task force who are responsible for solving cold cases in our community. As years pass, evidence begins to disappear and eyewitnesses begin to lose their memory of events, so we have to find other ways to go back in time to gather pieces of information that may have been missed.


In my years of working these cases, you could be chasing shadows because the guilty party may be dead in an alley somewhere, they may be hiding on a tropical island all alone, or they could be in jail on unrelated charges. That being said, we still have to work these cases because you would be surprised how one little crack in the case can blow things wide open.


I was working on a cold case that involved the murder of a little girl, and all the leads were drying up. Around this time we had a new resource available to us in the way of Securus Technologies installing a new inmate communication system in the jail. Although officers were allowed to listen in on calls already, the LBS software training that comes with the installation proved to be something that would help us tremendously.


One inmate had been talking to his friends on the outside, and over the course of a few years he must have become relaxed to the point that he began talking about things related to the cold case I was working on. When officers alerted me to these conversations that they discovered using the LBS software, I came in for a listen. The inmate was talking about things only the killer could have known because many details of the case were never revealed to the public for this exact reason.


Thanks to the LBS software, we connected the inmate to the crime and gave the family closure they desperately needed.


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