Hair Tricks by Lifestyle and Beauty Blogger, Wengie Every Girl Needs to Try Out


Healthy and well-maintained hair is one of the many things girls look up to every day before leaving the house. While for some taking care of their hair is a simple task, others find it very hard. Thanks to tips by the lifestyle and beauty blogger, Wengie, this is much easier than you would imagine. The following are some of the tips every woman should try out.


Eating healthy. Healthy hair always start on the inside. This is one of the most important tricks to healthy hair and surprisingly one that is mostly overlooked. If you want to grow natural and healthy hair, ensure you consume foods rich in vitamin C, fatty acids, omega 3, vitamin A and folic acid. Alternatively, you should consider consuming supplements such as Sugarbearhair Gummy Vitamins to provide you with those nutrients and even more.


Regularly clean your brush. Hairbrushes greatly contribute to naturally healthy hair. Unwashed brushes always transfer the accumulated oils and grease throughout your nicely washed hair hence contaminating it. Avoid this by washing your brush thoroughly. First, start off by removing the accumulated hair and oils using a sharp object. Secondly, make a brush bath using hot or warm water then apply some shampoo. This will help kill the germs. Do not forget to clean the base before your dry it off using a towel.


I bet every girl loves a nice smelling hair. Here a perfume will do. After you have dried out your hair, take a dryer sheet, soak it in perfume and then fix it on your brush bristles. When you brush out your hair, the perfume will not only leave your hair smelling sweet but will also leave it drier thanks to the alcohol contained in the perfume.


There are more tricks on how to care for your natural hair, and fashion blogger Wengie is willing to help you get through it systematically. Follow her up on her YouTube channel or click on this link for more after all; good hair is one of the determinants of a girl’s beauty, isn’t it?


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