Eric Pulier’s Path To Becoming A Successful Tech-Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is a renowned columnist, technologist, philanthropist, public speaker, and entrepreneur. He has been involved in the successful growth of several startups. Eric has been mentoring many people on how to start and run their businesses as going concerns. He has been providing people with strategic investment ideas and financial support.

Pulier was born and brought up in New Jersey. As a young kid, he often amazed his teachers and parents with his brilliance. By the time he was in fourth-grade, Pulier was already skilled in computer programming. In 1984, as a high school student, he ventured into entrepreneurship by founding a database computer company. However, when he enrolled for a degree program at the prestigious Harvard University, he closed the company. Despite having deep interest in technology, Pulier opted to pursue a degree in English Literature. As a student, Pulier started exploring his writing skills. Before long, he was writing articles for The Harvard Crimson, the university’s daily newspaper. His exemplary articles saw him appointed to serve in an editorial position. Eric is still a columnist.

After graduating from Harvard in 1988, Pulier started re-planning his return to entrepreneurship. In 1991, he moved to Los Angeles where he incorporated a new company, People Doing Things (PDT). The startup focused on using technology to address educational concerns, healthcare matters, and other societal issues. In 1994, Pulier founded an interactive agency, Digital Evolution. The company’s impressive strategies saw it merge with US Interactive LLC in 1998 to help the two companies dominate the industry.

Eric Pulier is also an active philanthropist. His love for children saw him found the Starbright World, a platform for children with chronic diseases. Through this innovative strategy, children are able to meet and chat with other kids having similar conditions, helping them to create friendships and share ideas. Painted Turtle is closely associated with Starbright World. Over the years, they have received support from the tech-entrepreneur.

Pulier is also a successful author having several publications, including Understanding Enterprise SOA, a book that helps beginners in the field to understand how to navigate the industry. The quality of his content has also seen him write different articles for Forbes. These articles have been published on both the company’s website and its magazines.

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