Clay Siegall Ventures into the Health Industry

Clay Siegall is the co- founder, the President, Chief Executive and the Chairman of the Seattle Genetics which started in1998. Clay is a scientist having graduated from the University of Maryland with bachelor’s degree in zoology. Siegall received Doctorate in Genetics from George Washington University. He has many years of the health service working for Bristol Squibb where he got all the experiences needed to run a Company. The primary purpose of Clay starting the Seattle Genetics was to provide a foundation for scientific innovation, research, drug development and also put more emphasis on cancer therapies.

Clay started his passion for the career after identifying a gap in the health sector from his late father’s illness. He watched his father progress with cancer till his death, and he discovered there were limited oncologist tools and unmet needs of the cancer patients. Clay says that his goal is to see the whole World treat cancer patients and provide the target drugs for them.

According to Clay Siegall, one strategy that has made Seattle Genetics grow is the collaboration with other industries and innovators in oncology drug development. Their collaboration with ADC has helped the company in reaching out for technology, being able to place resources to new ideas and helping the patients. The Company is leading in developing antibody –drug conjugates under the collaboration of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. The Company also received 2011FDA approval for their first ADC product ADECETRIS which is a global brand in more than 65 Countries. Clay has also guided the capital raising activities of the firm enabling them to secure more than $675 million through private and public financing.

Clay’s experience and expertise in Biopharmaceutical industry have seen him receive an appointment as the director of the Mirna Therapeutics Inc board of directors. The Mirna Company deals with cancer research and clay was happy to join them promising to work with the team to realize the programs at hand. Clay also got an appointment from the Ultragenyx as their independent director.

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