Richard Blair Offers Investment Advisory Services through His Firm, Wealth Solutions

According to Hacronym, Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, Austin-based investment advisory services firm. Drawn to the world of education, Richard Blair established Wealth Solutions to bring an impact in the lives of small-scale investors. His passion for education came from his firsthand interaction with educationists. His grandmother, wife, and mother were once teachers, and it is from them that he learned the importance of education in growing one’s knowledge and confidence.

After realizing that people experienced challenges in investment planning, Richard Blair combined his expertise in the world of education with his natural gift for finance to provide investment and financial advisory. He ventured into the financial services in 1993 after graduating from college. In 1994, he established his advisory firm, Wealth Solutions, to provide personalized, unbiased, and objective investment and financial advice without any conflict of interest. Over the years, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has honed his knowledge and experience regarding retirement planning. Through his firm, Wealth Solutions, Blair specializes in helping clients to bridge the gap between retirement planning and retirement life. He prescribes working strategies and helps the retired to avoid common financial pitfalls.

About Wealth Solutions

Based in Austin, Texas, Wealth Solutions is a fully registered investment advisory agency specializing in wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning. Wealth Solutions offers wealth management services by helping clients to create an investment portfolio that allows proper diversification based on their specific needs.

Richard Blair believes that the key to succeeding in wealth management is collaboration. Therefore, he acknowledges that clients have personal and unique investing goals, they want custom-tailored solutions, and that they consult trustworthy agencies.

When it comes to financial planning, Richard Blair says that it is important to help a client in establishing short and long-term objectives. Setting client’s goals involves evaluating the value of assets, liabilities, and their liquidity. Furthermore, financial planning also includes paying attention to client’s retirement plan. According to Richard Blair, financial planning is not limited to estate and retirement planning, but also involves college planning.

Although Blair has helped many of his clients grow their wealth, some do not know how to plan an effective retirement plan. As such, Blair embarks on helping clients develop an effective retirement plan. Richard Blair is a registered investment advisor and certified financial plan with over 24 years of experience in financial services industry.