Houston’s Talos Energy To Drill in Mexican Waters

The first private well in 80 years is being sunk in Mexican waters. This is a combined effort by Premier Oil, Talos Energy from Houston, and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas. Talks is the well operator and has a 35% stake in the outcome. This was brought on by an attempt to integrate foreign competitors into the Mexican energy market after Mexico voted to open its oil industry to private parties. This is the first time an offshore well has been prepared by a company outside of Petroleos Mexicanos.

The well, Zama-1, is located in the Surest Basin off of Tabasco. It is likely to be holding 100 million to 500 million barrels of oil and will cost around $16 million to undergo. Zama-1 is thought to have a great chance of success due to its geological outlay. Charlie Sharp, Canaaccord Genuity Ltd. Charlie Sharp believes this well is going to be the most followed exploration well for the whole year. Everyone is interested to see how this well will affect the failing Mexican market.

Talos Energy is based in Houston, Texas as a privately held oil and gas company. As a company, they are focused on the acquisition of oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast. They are also very interested in oil explorations. Talos is funded by the investments created by Apollo Global Management, LLC, Riverstone Holdings LLC,and Talos management.

Talos Energy recently announced that Talos Production LLC bought out the Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc and now owns it in its entirety. The energy Resource Technology GOM is a subsidiary of the oil and gas company Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc and is located in the Gulf of Mexico. They purchased it for $620 million and it is estimated to retrieve over 16,000 barrels of crude every day. Energy Resource Technology GOM also had recent success with their Wang exploration when they discovered over 100 feet of high quality net oil. Time Duncan, President of Talos Energy, announced that they are very excited about this acquisition and believe they are now in a good financial position to open a larger E&P company in the lower Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

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How Dr. Imran Haque Helps His Patients

Dr. Imran Haque is a native of Asheboro, NC though he originally moved to the US from the Dominican Republic in 1998. He practices at Horizontal Medicine which has offices in both Asheboro and a nearby town, Ramseur, NC. Dr. Haque’s procedures cover a wide variety of body treatments, many of which are focused on contouring, dermatology and facial surgeries. But he also has other treatment programs for weight loss, diabetes, and routine physical exams for any variety of reasons. If you’re a local to the Asheboro and Ramseur areas and would like to see what others are saying about Horizontal Medicine, you can go to their Facebook, Yelp or Google Plus social media pages.


Dr. Imran Haque received his undergraduate at the University of Iberoamericana in the Dominican Republic. He then went on to complete his MD and internship at University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem. He then relocated to North Carolina and received his certification to practice internal medicine there, and not long after opened his clinic and medical offices in Randolph County. Dr. Imran Haque become proficient in using some of the most advanced non-invasive technology for his treatments.


A treatment Dr. Imran Haque has especially become known for is 360 resurfacing, a procedure that uses focused laser beams to treat facial tissues. This procedure has become an alternative to traditional facelifts with injections and invasive plastic surgeries, and 360 resurfacing can be a lot less discomforting. Also, the treatments are carefully performed and usually Dr. Haque spreads them out over a series of weeks to make sure the patients’ skin isn’t affected by overexposure. The results have been remarkable according to patient testimonies.


Another area Dr. Imran Haque practices in is known as Venus body contouring. This is a process that helps remove extra tissue and fat that causes skin to sag or feel uncomfortable. To treat this issue, Dr. Haque uses specialized radio frequency and electromagnetic pulses to heat up the body and remove excess tissues. Basically, as the heating occurs, the body will turn the acids in the body fat into free fatty acids that go back into the bloodstream and can be gotten rid of.


Dr. Imran Haque is always happy to meet with new patients to discuss any health issues, surgical procedures, or answer any questions they have. His offices are well-kept and have friendly staff that can help you out. To contact Dr. Haque’s office, you can call 336-610-1300 for Asheboro and 336-824-2255 for Ramseur for non-appointment related questions. If you want to schedule an appointment, you can call 336-489-3100 for Asheboro and 336-824-2255 for Ramseur. Or you can contact him at his website by going to the Contact US page.

james dondero

Achievements of James Dondero in the Financial Industry



James Dondero aka Jim CPA, CFA and CMA, is an established financial expert based in Dallas, Texas. He is the co-founder, president and Chairman of the board of Highland Capital Management. Jim has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Therefore, making him the best suited for the leadership roles of Highland Capital. He graduated Beta Gamma Sigma from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Commerce, majoring in the Field of Accounting and Finance. With time he pursued professional courses acquiring certifications in Public Accounting, Managerial Accounting and Financial Analysis.



Jim started his career as a financial analyst in the Morgan Guaranty Training program. The following year, he successfully finished the program and was taken in by American Express, working as a corporate bond analysis officer. His exemplary skills earned him a promotion within no time. He was promoted to the position of Portfolio Manager. In this position, he was given the responsibility of managing over $1 billion fixed income fund.



Jim worked for America Express for a period of four years before leaving to work for Protective Life Corporation. At Protective Life Corporation, he placed in charge of the Guaranteed Investment Contract. He helped co-create this unit and as such was made the CEO of that unit. He worked at GIC from the year 1989 to the year 1993, growing the unit from $0 to over $1 billion worth of assets.



When James Dondero left GIC in the year 1993, he decided to venture into entrepreneurship. That year, he co-founded Highland Capital Management. He is in charge of directing the Highland team to structuring innovative products for their commercial and retail clients. He has been working as a managing partner and president of the company since the year 1993. Under his leadership, the company has grown to have assets worth over $14 billion. Dondero continues to positively influence the financial industry, working for various companies including Nexbank Residential Trust, holding the positions of Chairman and president of the company.

How White Shark Avoids Becoming The Black Sheep

White Shark Media has gone above the call of duty when it comes to utilizing constructive criticism. While their clients have had their fair share of complaints, White Shark listened to each of them and now several changes have been made to ensure customer satifsction across the board for existing and new clients alike.On one front, clients became upset that communication between White Shark and themselves had been lacking. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

In response, additional monthly status calls were implemented to keep clients up to date with the progress of their AdWords campaign. A new phone sytem was put into place to allow clients to call their contract person directly via a personal extension. To compensate for their lack of a SEO option, White Shark is offering clients the choice to have White Shark Media Review review all prospective SEO vendors in order for te client to find a reliable vendor to suit their needs.

After signing up, a Senior SEM Consultant now follows a client through every step and milestone of their membership to offer a familiar and trusted contact point to the client. In the beginning, all AdWords campaigns were run on White Shark Media’s own account, however as clients became more successful they were unable to branch out on their own. Now, successful clients have been given the option to work independently from the beginning.

A call tracking system has also been implemented to allow clients to keep a better track of customers acquired through telecommunications. Call tracking is mandatory for all local clients, and is sow completely free for all AdWords management plans.