Vinny Parascandola – The Impressive Leader

AXA multinational insurance corporation is the world’s largest and most efficient in providing a wide range of insurances. This french insurance group can help its clients when it comes to preventing from all types of risks such as the risk of disability, liability risk, as well as the risk of potential health problems. Also, there is a life insurance and the auto insurance which are two most important reasons why some insurance company exist. Even if it is not common that one insurance group includes all types of insurance, AXA is well-known for covering all areas of clients needs.


History of AXA corporation dates from 1816 when Mutual Insurance Company was founded in New York. After 43 years, Henry Hyde decided to found new enterprise called Equitable Life Assurance Society of America. In 1999 company change its name in ”AXA” which is chosen because it is a word that is easy to pronounce in any language.


With the main location in Paris, AXA advisors have offices in all countries of North America, Western Europe and some countries of Eastern Europe. Also, it is located in biggest countries of Asia and Oceania, as well as in some countries of Africa.

Vincent Parascandola

With the 25 experience in the insurance business, Vincent Parascandola, also known by name ‘Vinny’, is Executive Vice President of this company. Throughout his outstanding career, he was awarded many times for his contribution in the risk management field.

Vinny Parascandola is particularly known for his impressive leadership skills and also as one of the approved and popular public speakers in the insurance industry.