Brazilian Law With Ricardo Tosto

Brazil has the largest number of lawyers in the world. The country also boasts of some of the best law schools. Brazilian lawyers handle several cases ranging from divorce to commercial litigation. However, lawyers dealing with commercial litigation benefit more when it comes to client base and payments. This is because commercial litigation is the most common in the country. The high number of commercial litigation can be linked to the country’s lenient policies on doing business.

The legal system in the country requires law schools to train lawyers based on the stipulated rules and regulations. The government is the sole body mandated with formulating the curriculum used in law schools. Fresh graduates are also required to go through a fresh training program before they are considered qualified to become lawyers.

One of the lawyers who have redefined the Brazilian legal landscape is Ricardo Tosto Carvalho de Oliveira. He is a veteran lawyer who knows every aspect of Brazilian law. He has been in the legal service for close to 30 years, which has given him a high level of experience. Ricardo Tosto specializes in commercial litigation.

Since he became a lawyer in Brazil, Ricardo has worked diligently to ensure his cases become successful. Unlike other lawyers, Ricardo value integrity in his work. He has never appeared in any list of scandals and legal malpractice in the country. Through his law firm, he offers services to people from all walks of life.

Ricardo Tosto was one of the pioneers who advocated for drastic changes in the country’s legal system. His relentless fight brought significant changes to the legal system in Brazil. Ricardo is also a mentor to many young lawyers who are yet to find their feet in the country’s legal system. Some of the lawyers he has mentored are currently cruising high in the country’s legal landscape.  He offers prudent advice to his team of lawyers to enable them make good decisions and formulate innovative strategies.

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