Possible Business Trends That Will Shape 2017 Business World


To most entrepreneurs, a new year always signifies new beginnings. They are filled with hope that their businesses will thrive within the year. Flavio Maluf explores on the most likely business sectors to take a positive route in 2017 as published by Inc.


Potential Areas


With most businesses adopting new technologies in their operations, the demand for tools that simplify administration and general running of the businesses will be on the rise. With this in mind, Investors taking on this lucrative opportunity are very likely to reap big. Another likely sector to harvest largely is the youth sector. These youths are potential customers, and no one who is dedicated to creating items with them in mind would go wrong this year. Flavio also observed that many people are greatly concerned with health, beauty, and body image. Undertaking creation of smartphones apps that can allow one to measure calories or keep current sports and diet programs is a sure way of earning more. E-commerce is another route to take, considering that there is a notable increase in sales made via online stores. Investing in products that conserve the environment and natural resources as well as offering employees training for remote work are other areas to look out for in 2017.


Hope & Optimism


Last year, the small and micro businesses sector in Minas Gerais state was hit by a crisis, which saw a decrease in sales volumes and profit margins as well as staff. This year, however, entrepreneurs are optimistic and hopeful that things will change for the better. According to Flavio Maluf, a study recorded that 68.7 percent of the people believed that most employees would keep their jobs while 59.5 percent said that they would experience price stability. Another 68.6 percent noted that there would be a general increase in price this year as compared to last year. Over half of the interviewed individuals were optimistic of increase in sales and profit margins. Many were concerned with the economic instability, slow GDP growth, and an increase in taxes.


About Flavio Maluf


Flavio Maluf currently handles administrative duties at Eucatex. He made his entry into the firm in 1987, working in the trade division. Over the years, Flavio served in various capacities and branches before rising to his current role.