Susan McGalla Addresses Women Advancing in the Work Place

Popular Pittsburgh management and branding consultant Susan McGalla recently tackled the issue of women advancing in the work place, advice reported in PR Newswire on January 14, 2015. An oft requested speaker who has addressed groups such as the Carnegie Mellon University Conference for CEOs and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh, she is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting LLC.


Susan McGalla offers three main points for women to consider. First, she urges them to plan and save for a college education, because higher education opens doors for career advancement. Second, she stresses that women in the work place must “find support and build a network of influencers” and then focus on exhibiting a strong work ethic in order to succeed into management posts. Third, she recommends simply ignoring the proverbial glass ceiling.


In 1950, only 20% of women in the United States participated in the labor force outside the home. Yet in 2015, that figure has expanded to nearly 50%, with 46.9% of women in the nation holding compensated positions as employees and some 14.6% of those individuals filling executive positions. Despite the interest of businesses in hiring women on an ongoing basis, reportedly many women do encounter difficulties advancing in their careers. Susan McGalla hopes they concentrate on achieving a solid work ethic.


Susan McGalla’s nationally known firm, P3 Executive Consulting LLC, can offer consulting services to individuals, businesses, academic institutions, hospitals and government entities concerning a wide array of managerial and administrative issues of concern to enterprises and executives. Her areas of expertise include branding and marketing, both highly popular topics among leading global business enterprises. She frequently shares her views with audiences. Her recent comments were set forth in an article entitled “Susan McGalla Gives Advice for Women to Achieve Future Success” and may be accessed online.


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