An Overview of Investment Banking

Investment banking is a part of the finance industry that plays a significant role in the overall economy. On a regular basis there are a number of companies that are looking for ways to increase their capital and stock value. In order to accomplish these objectives, companies look to investment banking firms to help them. With an investment banking firm, companies will have the guidance and expertise that they need in order to reach their financial goals. With assistance of completing mergers and acquisitions as well as managing capital and researching economic trends, an investment banking firm will often provide companies with what they need to maximize the value of their financial assets.

There are a number of people who participate in the investment banking field that help out with deals. The members of corporate finance consist of analysts, associates, vice presidents and managing directors help facilitate mergers and acquisitions. Professionals such as traders help manage the capital by buying and selling shares of stock. There are research specialists who find and report relevant information that concerns economic trends, stock market trends and the industry that a client is in.

In the investment banking field, there are small firms that specialize in helping small companies and individuals. One of these types of firms is owned and operated by Martin Lustgarten. He has been involved in the finance industry for many years and has accumulated a lot of expertise that he provides to his clients. One of the most common types of clients Martin helps is small companies. Many of these companies are start ups who are looking for capital to begin their business venture. He also helps a number of more established companies by referring them to investors who provide capital to expand.

He uses his expertise to find financial securities that will get the best returns for his clients. Martin also consults with his clients to find out what their goals are and provides advice on how to best reach them. By working with individuals, Martin is able to ensure that his clients have the knowledge and resources they need in order to establish long term financial security.

Why Every Millennial Should Have a Magnises Card in Their Wallet

Are you a millennial? Do you consider yourself a connoisseur of the finest things life has to offer? Would you like access to coveted seats at exclusive restaurants, premiere sporting events, and sold out concerts? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for you to apply for a Magnises card.

The Magnises card originated when 24-year-old tech genius, Billy McFarland, decided he wanted an American Express black credit card. American Express black cards, also known as Centurion cards, are made of anodized titanium and are only offered to the most affluent clients. While Centurion card members receive an array of benefits, including personal shoppers, complimentary airline tickets, and a personal concierge, they are required to pay a $7,500 initiation fee and a $2,500 annual membership fee.

Billy McFarland devised a plan to give clientele the exclusivity of a black, metal card, along with a slew of cardholder benefits, without the prohibitively expensive fees associated with the Centurion card. After finding a way to add a magnetic strip to a metal card without demagnetizing it, McFarland and a former classmate founded Magnises.
Originally designed to entice millennials between the ages of 21 and 35, living in New York or Washington DC, Magnises cards are not credit cards. Linked to an existing credit or debit card account, Magnises cards allow clients to spend responsibly while reveling in the lavish lifestyle of a Centurion cardholder.

The annual fee for Magnises card members is $250, and Billy McFarland makes sure members get the most for their money. Access to a posh New York City townhouse, previously unattainable seats at professional sporting events, private performances from legendary musicians, and VIP treatment at the trendiest nightclubs in the country are just a few of the benefits reaped by Magnises members.

The Magnises mobile app is a personal concierge at your fingertips. The app uses an algorithm, based on a user’s preferences, to recommend restaurants, events, and special opportunities. Card members can also send a text message to the Magnises app requesting information about events or member promotions near their location.

Magnises is not Billy McFarland’s first business venture. At the age of thirteen, McFarland created an online outsourcing company that matched designers with clients. He later attended Bucknell University as an aspirant computer engineer.
If you’re interested in becoming a Magnises member, you can apply on their website.

Don Ressler Gets it Right with JustFab and Fabletics

Women like to shop. That is common knowledge. It takes a bit of extra skill, however, to figure out how women like to shop. That is what Don Ressler has been able to do, and this has propelled him to a high level of success. His secret to success is observation. He watches the trends, and he knows what women are going to look for next. This is not something that he has done alone. He has worked well with business partner Adam Goldenberg to get women interested in JustFab and Fabletics. These are the pillars of his success.

Don Ressler has what most people would call a keen eye for business. He was once part of the very early social media scene that was known as MySpace. He worked there with partner Adam Goldenberg but would depart when MySpace was purchased by another company. He would go on to start up a company called Intelligent Beauty and this would evolve into a company that would bring as much as half of a billion dollars in revenues on This would prove to be a sign. Don Ressler knew that he could make it as a business leader.

When Ressler switched over from technology to products for women it was a different shift from what he was used to, but technology was still involved. It was through the Internet that he planned to mold and shape his businesses. Online transactions were becoming a big deal, and Don Ressler knew that he wanted a part of the e-commerce industry.

Today he is proof that women like to shop online. They also like to acquire subscription services for acquiring new clothes each month. This has become the thing that has taken the business to the next level. He may not have known about clothing, but he knew about trends on Ressler has used his ability to recognize trends to totally transform his business. There are a lot of people that interested in Fabletics and JustFab. It all has to do with the way that this company has been marketed. It is a wonderful subscription service. People are talking about this brand, and they want to know more about these companies. Don Ressler has made people appreciate subscription services.

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Rising Entrepreneurs Find Success Under Tutelage of Mike Baur

Mike Baur understands how to build organizations from the ground up. As a founder and CEO of the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF), he has worked closely with various businessmen and women hoping to make a name for themselves. His clients have included Velohub and Struckd, new ventures that are already gaining traction and making their way through the market.

The Swiss Startup Factory was launched in 2014 by Baur and colleagues Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Baur came into the group with nearly 20 years of experience as a Swiss banking professional. He received degrees from the MBA program at the University of Rochester and the Executive MBA program at the University of Berne. After starting out as an apprentice at UBS, he has worked in various roles, each one giving him the opportunity to round out his perspectives on what it takes to sustain long-term success.

As a leader at the Swiss Startup Factory, Baur helps oversee its accelerator program. Groups can apply to be a part of a three month training program, in which they’ll be able to work at the SSUF Zurich office, receive mentorship and guidance, and take advantage of the network that Baur and his colleagues have built.

They can also discuss ideas with experts who are called in to help. Because Baur has collaborated with numerous people throughout his career, he’s able to fold them into his venture as necessary, giving rising stars the chance to connect with those who have already went through the ups and downs associated with starting a business.

When people turn to Baur, they often have a dream and a passion for something, but they need assistance on how to turn those ideas into a practical plan. Focusing on the business side of things is a major component of their time spent with the SSUP. They’re asked to think about the skills that their staff will need to develop a well-rounded group, the qualities they’ll need to find in themselves to respond to disappointments, and the strategy that will be required to proceed as they achieve their goals. As a result of all of this hard work, they’ll hopefully be able to become an example that others can follow.