Institutions Reward Alexandre Gama For His Success

The career of Alexandre Gama has taken place across four decades that have seen him achieve unmatched success as one of the world’s best respected advertising creatives for his impressive career results. For Alexandre Gama the road to forming his own Neogama advertising agency has been a long and successful one; Gama made the leap to become an entrepreneur and found his own agency in 1999 after he had worked his way through a number of different agencies moving from a first job as a writer to becoming the CEO, CCO, and President of Young & Rubicam.

Alexandre Gama began his career as an entrepreneur with the launch of his Neogama agency and has since continued to explore new areas of success for himself in different industries. Gama formed a strategic partnership with the London based BBH advertising agency that included him taking up creative control of the global agency from a base in London; Alexandre Gama has also sought to look at his own interests for making investments in recent years, including his major financial investment made in a British sports car manufacturer who shared the love of fast cars that Alexandre Gama is well known for in his native Brazil.

Nizan Guanaes: The Man Behind ABC’s Success

From boosting sales, increasing profits to creating product awareness, the importance of marketing cannot be overemphasized. Large companies understand the importance of marketing, and they have invested heavily in marketing programs.

Not only does advertising benefit businesses, but it also benefits producers, traders and customers. Through advertising, producers will know what customers prefer; traders will know what to sell, and customers will be aware of the brands available in the market.

About Nizan Guanaes

Nizan Guanaes is a renowned Brazilian marketing executive. He is the chairman of ABC Group, a Brazilian advertising agency. ABC Group is made up of 18 companies that specialize in marketing and advertising services as well as content and entertainment sectors. The company is the largest communication agency in Brazil and is the 19th largest marketing communications group in the world. ABC Group was once voted a Global Growth Company by the World Economic Forum.

Mr. Guanaes and his business partner João Augusto (Guga) Valente founded ABC Group in 2002. Before co-founding the company, Nizan had founded several companies including Africa Propaganda, DM9DDB in 1997 and Internet portal iG in 2002.

Mr. Guanaes’ outstanding work has been acknowledged through various awards. In 2000, Mr. Guanaes was awarded a gold medal in Rio Branco Order by the former Brazilian President, Fernando Henrique Cardoso.