ClassDojo The PTA Is Getting A Facelift

The co-founders of ClassDojo have raised $21 million in funding for their communication app. The app connects teachers, students, and parents with real-time updates of the students progress in the classroom. Focused on empowering teachers and parents, the ClassDojo app has also taken great strides in promoting positive classroom culture. Children are able to post individual successes in-app to share with parents and classmates. The founders are dedicated to protecting the childrens privacy as well, that is why they say they will never generate revenue from user data, so you can use the app freely with confidence.

In the past, parents would have to go to the school for PTA meetings to find out what their child had been doing, and how they were progressing. With ClassDojo, those days are over. Teachers can post activities, study material, test schedules and results, and special projects. Parents receive special alerts when a teacher updates, or even sends a personal message. Parents were not always able to attend the physical meetings due to schedules or time constraints. This app creates a platform to allow the child’s parents to participate in their education every day.

All types of schools benefit from ClassDojo. Two out of three schools are employing the app today from private institutions to some of the largest public school systems, all with amazing success. The future looks bright too. Planning for ground-up restructuring, ClassDojo will eventually expand to accepting payments for school expenses from lunches to yearbooks, and all the incidentals the school year may bring. Gone will be the days of the child losing their field trip money before they get to school.  Based on

The educational world will be keeping an eager eye on ClassDojo in anticipation of their next additions. We know whatever they introduce will be just as beneficial.

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