ClassDojo-Improving Communication in the Classroom

ClassDojo is a new app that is used in the classroom to improve communication. It makes it possible to connect teachers, students, and parents and allows them to share videos, photos, and messages as the school day progresses. ClassDojo helps teachers, students, and parents to work as a team, share experiences as they happen, and to bring ideas to life within classrooms and homes.

ClassDojo has received many recognitions, including the Education Innovation Award in 2011, the 30 under 30: Education in 2012, and the Innovation by Design Awards in 2016. ClassDojo was also recognized as one of the most innovative apps of the year for 2016.

ClassDojo gives teachers and parents many ways to gain access to content that will help students to learn about very important concepts and social-and emotional skills.

Classroom is a place where teachers and students can build their classroom culture and where they are able to choose values and skills such as creativity and teamwork. Then they can share any feedback they have on the progress made with each other. The classroom feature makes it possible for teachers and students to build a great culture in the classroom together.


The Messages feature lets teachers, school leaders, and teachers to message each other instantly without having to use contact details or phone numbers. Messages can be translated into 35 different languages and there is even a “Quit Hours: setting for teachers.


The Stories feature make it possible for stories, pictures and videos to instantly update throughout the school day. It makes it easy for students to share their individual stories with their parents at home and helps leaders at school to share information with the families of their students. Class Story makes it possible and fun for students to create their very own unique story.


ClassDojo: A Revolutionary Communication Platform Changing How Parents & Teachers Talk

Time and technology keep moving forward, while the rest of the world plays catch-up. One of the most exciting things about moving forward is the fact that a communication platform can play an intricate part in the lives of your children and your children’s teachers. The platform is called ClassDojo, and it is one of the most successful resources to hit classrooms since textbooks.

What Is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is a platform where teachers, parents, and students can find an interactive connection as well as empowerment. This is done through a series of services that ClassDojo provides to the teachers, students, and parents. For example, the teacher is given the opportunity to make announcements that every student or parent can read.


The parent and the teacher can communicate privately as well, not to mention the fact that this communication platform can translate messages into 35 different languages. ClassDojo is about creating a community amongst students, parents, and teachers where everyone will feel more involved. This push towards active participate is key towards creating a positive culture with the classroom, school, and parents. One way that ClassDojo is achieving this is by sharing classroom videos and photographs, making everyone feel more involved.


The Impact that ClassDojo Might Have on Schools


The truth is this communications platform is creating revolutionary ground-up change that will be changing the way that teachers interact with parents. The change is happening quickly enough to say that 2 in 3 schools are already using it. In fact, ClassDojo was able to raise 21 million dollars just make the ClassDojo app with the promise that it will make parent-teacher meetings completely obsolete.


Both parents and teachers are excited about the idea for different reasons. For one, parents who work know that making time for a parent-teacher conference is very hard. Teachers, on the other hand, feel a little better knowing that they will not have to stay at work hours after school has closed when they can be at home. Both will use the app to communicate throughout the year regarding a child’s progression in school or a specific task a child completed that day. The ability to communicate constantly will eliminate the need for a parent-teacher conference.

Of course, this is just one of changes that you can expect with ClassDojo but who knows what else might change.

Just so teachers know, ClassDojo is making sure that the communication platform stays free for them, no matter what. Parents will be able to pay for additional services as they are introduced to the platform.

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Talk Fusion Opens Up 30 Day Free Trial Offer

Talk Fusion is the video marketing company that has been slowly changing the way that businesses operate on the internet. Talk Fusion was established back in 2007 by owner, founder and CEO Bob Reina. Reina had decided to establish Talk Fusion after failing to find anyone really taking the future of video marketing seriously. Needless to say, his venture ended up being a quality one. Now Talk Fusion is sitting comfortably at the head of the table and they are looking for ways to help new customers get more involved.


What Talk Fusion offers, essentially, are the tools needed to advertise and connect with customers in a digital world. Talk Fusion has their valuable, award-winning Video Chat application currently making the rounds. Video Chat helps connects customers and clients in a way that has never been as effective. Reina speaks highly of his program by saying, “There is absolutely no comparison in the world to the value that we bring.” Video Chat is, of course, only the least of what Talk Fusion is bringing to the table.


In order to really show off their work we see that Reina is offering a 30 day free trial to new customers who are interested in the Talk Fusion brand. Talk Fusion is looking to use this free trial period as a chance for customers to fully ingratiate themselves within the offerings that Talk Fusion can give. Of course, this free trial is only the beginning of what Talk Fusion is doing.


Talk Fusion has redesigned their website to make it more sleek and intuitive than ever. The goal with these changes is simple and Reina points out it by saying, “We wanted to put Talk Fusion’s products into as many hands across the world as fast as we could because we know that when people try our marketing products, they want to buy them.”


After registering for the free month of usage users will end up with full access to a variety of different programs. Among the availeble free programs are Video Chat, Live Meetings, Sign Up Forms, and the super popular Video Email.



ClassDojo The PTA Is Getting A Facelift

The co-founders of ClassDojo have raised $21 million in funding for their communication app. The app connects teachers, students, and parents with real-time updates of the students progress in the classroom. Focused on empowering teachers and parents, the ClassDojo app has also taken great strides in promoting positive classroom culture. Children are able to post individual successes in-app to share with parents and classmates. The founders are dedicated to protecting the childrens privacy as well, that is why they say they will never generate revenue from user data, so you can use the app freely with confidence.

In the past, parents would have to go to the school for PTA meetings to find out what their child had been doing, and how they were progressing. With ClassDojo, those days are over. Teachers can post activities, study material, test schedules and results, and special projects. Parents receive special alerts when a teacher updates, or even sends a personal message. Parents were not always able to attend the physical meetings due to schedules or time constraints. This app creates a platform to allow the child’s parents to participate in their education every day.

All types of schools benefit from ClassDojo. Two out of three schools are employing the app today from private institutions to some of the largest public school systems, all with amazing success. The future looks bright too. Planning for ground-up restructuring, ClassDojo will eventually expand to accepting payments for school expenses from lunches to yearbooks, and all the incidentals the school year may bring. Gone will be the days of the child losing their field trip money before they get to school.  Based on

The educational world will be keeping an eager eye on ClassDojo in anticipation of their next additions. We know whatever they introduce will be just as beneficial.

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