Richard Blair Offers Investment Advisory Services through His Firm, Wealth Solutions

According to Hacronym, Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, Austin-based investment advisory services firm. Drawn to the world of education, Richard Blair established Wealth Solutions to bring an impact in the lives of small-scale investors. His passion for education came from his firsthand interaction with educationists. His grandmother, wife, and mother were once teachers, and it is from them that he learned the importance of education in growing one’s knowledge and confidence.

After realizing that people experienced challenges in investment planning, Richard Blair combined his expertise in the world of education with his natural gift for finance to provide investment and financial advisory. He ventured into the financial services in 1993 after graduating from college. In 1994, he established his advisory firm, Wealth Solutions, to provide personalized, unbiased, and objective investment and financial advice without any conflict of interest. Over the years, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has honed his knowledge and experience regarding retirement planning. Through his firm, Wealth Solutions, Blair specializes in helping clients to bridge the gap between retirement planning and retirement life. He prescribes working strategies and helps the retired to avoid common financial pitfalls.

About Wealth Solutions

Based in Austin, Texas, Wealth Solutions is a fully registered investment advisory agency specializing in wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning. Wealth Solutions offers wealth management services by helping clients to create an investment portfolio that allows proper diversification based on their specific needs.

Richard Blair believes that the key to succeeding in wealth management is collaboration. Therefore, he acknowledges that clients have personal and unique investing goals, they want custom-tailored solutions, and that they consult trustworthy agencies.

When it comes to financial planning, Richard Blair says that it is important to help a client in establishing short and long-term objectives. Setting client’s goals involves evaluating the value of assets, liabilities, and their liquidity. Furthermore, financial planning also includes paying attention to client’s retirement plan. According to Richard Blair, financial planning is not limited to estate and retirement planning, but also involves college planning.

Although Blair has helped many of his clients grow their wealth, some do not know how to plan an effective retirement plan. As such, Blair embarks on helping clients develop an effective retirement plan. Richard Blair is a registered investment advisor and certified financial plan with over 24 years of experience in financial services industry.

Securus Technologies Brings BICSI Certified Specialists Into The Field

Securus Technologies recently made the big announcement that 11 of their field specialists have received recent recognition and certification through Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI). BICSI is a professional group that is supportive of the communication and information technology industries.

Securus Technologies received their recognition for their work in the voice, data, electronic safety, and security area that they are heavily involved in. BICSI members and credential holders are a group of professionals that work to maintain and manage information and communication technology projects, and they have recently given recognition certification to 11 employees of Securus Technologies. This group works to help serve over 23,000 professionals through training, conferences, publications and credentials around the world. They are an ideal fit to meet the training needs for those who are working for Securus Technologies.

BICSI recognized certification will guarantee the highest level of performance and reliability for all of Securus Technologies customers. More information can be found here.

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas and currently services the both civil and criminal justice technology sectors. Their technology can be found in numerous correctional industries and currently services over 1,200,000 inmates in North America. More information on Securus Technologies can be found here.



Richard Blair Helps Make A Difference In People’s Lives

The right kind of investments can really make a difference in life. When people are able to get the kind of help they need they can accumulate funds that can be put aside for important things they want to do in life such as buy a house and help a child complete a college education.

However, while this task may seem to be initially easy, it can actually be really hard. The markets can be really confusing even for people who know their goals and have a basic understanding of the markets.

This is why it can be really useful to work with someone who knows the market and can offer specific insights that people can use to help them figure out the best way to find a savings and investment plan that works for them specifically and offers the best protection against possible loss. This is why so many people have turned to Richard Blair Wealth Solutions as they look to the future.

His Viewpoint

When working with Richard Blair, people know they are getting the kind of help they need to help them plan as they through life. He has been ale to make a difference in the lives of the people he works with each day. Thanks to his help, people have been able to benefit from advice tailored to their needs. He has also helped small business owners who need to find sources of funding so that they can grow and expand into new markets.

Blair always knew that education would be his life. Many of his family members are very much into education and have spent time helping others learn new things. In an effort to follow in his footsteps he has done his best to offer people to get an education of his own.

Unbiased Advice

His work centers around offering thought out, unbiased advice that comes from his years of experience in the industry. He knows that people need to go to someone they can trust.

With his help, he has been able to show others how easy it is to understand the markets and figure out what be ideal for them when looking for places where they can invest properly.

Why Every Millennial Should Have a Magnises Card in Their Wallet

Are you a millennial? Do you consider yourself a connoisseur of the finest things life has to offer? Would you like access to coveted seats at exclusive restaurants, premiere sporting events, and sold out concerts? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for you to apply for a Magnises card.

The Magnises card originated when 24-year-old tech genius, Billy McFarland, decided he wanted an American Express black credit card. American Express black cards, also known as Centurion cards, are made of anodized titanium and are only offered to the most affluent clients. While Centurion card members receive an array of benefits, including personal shoppers, complimentary airline tickets, and a personal concierge, they are required to pay a $7,500 initiation fee and a $2,500 annual membership fee.

Billy McFarland devised a plan to give clientele the exclusivity of a black, metal card, along with a slew of cardholder benefits, without the prohibitively expensive fees associated with the Centurion card. After finding a way to add a magnetic strip to a metal card without demagnetizing it, McFarland and a former classmate founded Magnises.
Originally designed to entice millennials between the ages of 21 and 35, living in New York or Washington DC, Magnises cards are not credit cards. Linked to an existing credit or debit card account, Magnises cards allow clients to spend responsibly while reveling in the lavish lifestyle of a Centurion cardholder.

The annual fee for Magnises card members is $250, and Billy McFarland makes sure members get the most for their money. Access to a posh New York City townhouse, previously unattainable seats at professional sporting events, private performances from legendary musicians, and VIP treatment at the trendiest nightclubs in the country are just a few of the benefits reaped by Magnises members.

The Magnises mobile app is a personal concierge at your fingertips. The app uses an algorithm, based on a user’s preferences, to recommend restaurants, events, and special opportunities. Card members can also send a text message to the Magnises app requesting information about events or member promotions near their location.

Magnises is not Billy McFarland’s first business venture. At the age of thirteen, McFarland created an online outsourcing company that matched designers with clients. He later attended Bucknell University as an aspirant computer engineer.
If you’re interested in becoming a Magnises member, you can apply on their website.

Don Ressler Gets it Right with JustFab and Fabletics

Women like to shop. That is common knowledge. It takes a bit of extra skill, however, to figure out how women like to shop. That is what Don Ressler has been able to do, and this has propelled him to a high level of success. His secret to success is observation. He watches the trends, and he knows what women are going to look for next. This is not something that he has done alone. He has worked well with business partner Adam Goldenberg to get women interested in JustFab and Fabletics. These are the pillars of his success.

Don Ressler has what most people would call a keen eye for business. He was once part of the very early social media scene that was known as MySpace. He worked there with partner Adam Goldenberg but would depart when MySpace was purchased by another company. He would go on to start up a company called Intelligent Beauty and this would evolve into a company that would bring as much as half of a billion dollars in revenues on This would prove to be a sign. Don Ressler knew that he could make it as a business leader.

When Ressler switched over from technology to products for women it was a different shift from what he was used to, but technology was still involved. It was through the Internet that he planned to mold and shape his businesses. Online transactions were becoming a big deal, and Don Ressler knew that he wanted a part of the e-commerce industry.

Today he is proof that women like to shop online. They also like to acquire subscription services for acquiring new clothes each month. This has become the thing that has taken the business to the next level. He may not have known about clothing, but he knew about trends on Ressler has used his ability to recognize trends to totally transform his business. There are a lot of people that interested in Fabletics and JustFab. It all has to do with the way that this company has been marketed. It is a wonderful subscription service. People are talking about this brand, and they want to know more about these companies. Don Ressler has made people appreciate subscription services.

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Nizan Guanaes: The Man Behind ABC’s Success

From boosting sales, increasing profits to creating product awareness, the importance of marketing cannot be overemphasized. Large companies understand the importance of marketing, and they have invested heavily in marketing programs.

Not only does advertising benefit businesses, but it also benefits producers, traders and customers. Through advertising, producers will know what customers prefer; traders will know what to sell, and customers will be aware of the brands available in the market.

About Nizan Guanaes

Nizan Guanaes is a renowned Brazilian marketing executive. He is the chairman of ABC Group, a Brazilian advertising agency. ABC Group is made up of 18 companies that specialize in marketing and advertising services as well as content and entertainment sectors. The company is the largest communication agency in Brazil and is the 19th largest marketing communications group in the world. ABC Group was once voted a Global Growth Company by the World Economic Forum.

Mr. Guanaes and his business partner João Augusto (Guga) Valente founded ABC Group in 2002. Before co-founding the company, Nizan had founded several companies including Africa Propaganda, DM9DDB in 1997 and Internet portal iG in 2002.

Mr. Guanaes’ outstanding work has been acknowledged through various awards. In 2000, Mr. Guanaes was awarded a gold medal in Rio Branco Order by the former Brazilian President, Fernando Henrique Cardoso.