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NurtriMost has had to sue their rival company Healthy Living in an attempt to protect their good faith name. Healthy Living is accused of stealing their promotional weight lost video and posting it on their website. However, in the process they replaced all the concept of NurtiMost with the slogan Can’t Lose Diet. During their attempt to sue NutriMost has successful processed a cease-and-desist order through the federal court against Healthy Living. NurtiMost still continues to get their customer base to actively participate in their doctor approved weight loss program that consists of prepackaged meals that allows you to eat when you want.

Healthy Living has refused to take down the videos and has shorten the length of NurtiMost’s promotional video and has added their own material falsely representing their weight loss program with the concepts of NurtiMost. Nobody wants to believe that their rival company could stoop to that all time low to receive customers, but that is exactly what they have made an attempt to do.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

You can lose the weight that you want without the threat of worrying about ever having to be hungry. The NutriMost prepackaged meal plans lets you eat when you want with a lot of delicious meal choices available. You have the best meat choices including salmon, fish, beef, and chicken with a host of side options. You can eat eggplant or zucchini under a special blend of other vegetables. Get the attention the weight loss results that you want without the threat of paying for expensive meal plan options with other companies that don’t work. Visit NutriMost for details right away.

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Stephen Murray: How He Lived

There is a saying that it is not how long a person lives, but the quality of life that he lives. Stephen Murray has lived a high quality life. His most recent job was working as the president of CCMP Capital. He has brought a lot of success to the company before leaving because of medical issues. Shortly afterwards, he has passed away.

He was 52 years old when he has passed away. Of course, the company was very sad for the losses they have faced with the former president and CEO. They are working to continue to implement his practices and methods. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Like many other hedge fund owners, Stephen Murray has had a successful and profitable career. He has gotten his start at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He has then moved to MH Equity Corporation. One of the reasons that Murray is so successful is that he has gotten his education in his major of economics.

This is one major aspect of his education that helped him become the expert that he was in his field. He has learned about the different techniques that will help him profit from the markets that he invests in.

Stephen Murray is also a philanthropist that has supported a few different charitable and non-profit organizations.

He has also served on plenty of major companies such as AMC Entertainment, Aramark, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe, and plenty of other companies. He has kept himself very busy and has been willing to learn a lot of tricks in order to improve the success of other companies. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was an example to many people. People will continue to keep his memory alive.